Discover How To Find Items on That Will Deliver Outside the U.S. (the US eBay website) is the best marketplace on the planet – no question.

The only problem is, if you live outside of the United States, it is very difficult to get what you want shipped to you outside of America.

Don’t despair though, there are still plenty of bargains to be had from thousands of vendors. The ones who will gladly ship their products to you outside the US.

Here I will show you how you can quickly filter your search results and only see which eBay sellers that will ship their items to you outside of the United States.

This filtering method is very effective. I bought an item on from Australia last night (a Remote Controlled Helicopter), that was not available to me on (the Australian eBay).

My item is already on its way to me. ;-)

If you are familiar with eBay, you will have no problem using this filtering facility.

It is built right into eBay. Most eBay shoppers though, don’t go any further than typing in what they are looking for in the search box on eBay’s main page.

We have to be a little cleverer than that.

The most common refining or filtering of eBay search results being;

Location restrictions – Handy if you are looking for a new refrigerator.
Buy it Now – Saves all the hassle of being outbid in the last 3 seconds
Free Delivery – We all love to have out items shipped for FREE if available

These are all good tools to aid you in your shopping expedition. All we need to do when shopping on (the American eBay) is to pre-set our search filter to find only those vendors who will ship/deliver to us outside of the United States.

Here’s how you filter for just international shipping;

  1.  Log into your eBay account Click here if you don’t have one
  2.  From the home screen, click on the “Advanced” link, to the immediate right of the search button.
  3.  On this “Find items” page enter your item’s details (this is called “Keyword” or “Item Number” on the webpage).
  4.  Select a category from the Drop-down list (if required – I don’t use it a lot)
  5.  You can fill in the details of what to search (Title and description), what type of buying format you want (Auction, Buy It Now or Classifieds), as well as price and FREE shipping.
  6.  Scroll down to the section called Location,
  7.  Tick the checkbox called “Only Show items From”.
  8.  Now Check “Available to”
  9.  Select “All Countries and Regions”
  10.  Now scroll down further and click on the Blue Search Button and you are done.

Now like I said, this simple method will work for you as it does me. It saves you a lot of heartache. No more finding the perfect items just to find you can’t have it delivered.

You will not see these items in your eBay search results at all.

The one drawback in doing this though is it is still not the full list of what is available to you on

It’s just a subset of all the items available on eBay, just the ones from the eBay vendors who ship internationally.

Once again though, this leaves the lion’s share of the “Good Stuff” on eBay out of our reach, just because we are not living in America.

This did not seem to very fair to me and I discovered a better way to get everything I want from, regardless of whether the item I want ships outside the United States or not.

I want to pass this way on to you.

More on that soon.

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