Amazon Kindle Australia Has Arrived

Did You Know That You Can Get All Your Kindle Books Now And Pay In Australian Dollars Not U.S. Dollars


It’s true, Amazon Kindle Australia is finally here.

No more getting your favourite Kindle Book title and paying in American dollars, so you can get all kindle reading right here in Australia.

Now I realise that you can quite easily download your Kindle reading material directly from, but why go to the hassle of foreign exchange rates, when you can use local currency?

I love Kindle, it makes carrying your current reading library and favourite books with you a breeze.

Perfect if you’re travelling.

Whether you are jumping on a plane or loading up your motorhome for another adventure in our wide brown land.

Kindle is the best way for an avid reader to take all kinds of books with you (Manuals, How-To books & Magazines and Newspapers too), and you can also get them on the road without any fuss at all.

What’s not to like?

What many new to the Kindle world are not aware of is that you do not need a Kindle Reader
to enjoy all the benefits of the Kindle.

So if you have an Apple iPad or an Android tablet, you are in business. You can even use your smart-phone, but it is tough on the eyes.

The Kindle application can turn your smart device, any smart device into a genuine Kindle Reader in minutes. It is every bit as good as the official Kindle Reader you have to send away to the U.S. to get.

The best part is this “Kindle Ap” is available for download absolutely free. Here is the link below.

Get it by clicking on the Amazon Link here, or check it out in the Google Play Store or the App Store at Apple if you are an Apple fanboy (or Fan-Girl :).

I use the Kindle Reader Ap myself, I really love it. Mine lives on my Android Tablet. There is a screenshot below to show you how it looks.Kindle reader Ap - Free

There is no better way to have a read before settling in of a night that than with Kindle.

You don’t need a light on, Kindle (the device and ap) both are self-illuminating, so you can read without disturbing anyone.

And if you like a good hefty read, using a Kindle-enabled device is so much lighter than a huge hardcover. So you can read for hours without needing to be a bodybuilder.

Amazon also has a Kindle Book Lending Library too, where you can enjoy just about any Kindle Title for free.

This is part of the perks for Amazon Prime members. There is a Thirty Day Free Trial where you can give it a go too – Try Amazon Prime

So in future grab all, you Kindle books locally.

It’s easier for you, better with no foreign exchange, and is good for the Australian economy too.

Keep some of the profits here.

Cheers for Now