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Who Else Wants Amazon Items Delivered To You Anywhere – Worldwide & Here in Australia?

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Dear Friend

Have you tried to buy from only to be disappointed to find out that the Amazon to Australia shipment of your item to your local address is impossible if you are outside of the United States?

Sure Amazon has a Dot Australian website now, but the lions share of all the good stuff that we want from Amazon is still only available in the United States.

So how do we go about getting something we want, that is not available locally from Amazon? And how can we have it delivered to us here in Australia (or anywhere outside the US for that matter)?

Amazon Delivery WorldwideAll is not lost, I have some good news for you.

If you want to get straight to the meat of How To Ship Items for Amazon to Australia – Click Here. or..

Here’s My Story

Recently I found a Micro Remote controlled Helicopter I wanted to buy from and send to Australia, where I live (silly I know).

I made it through the Amazon checkout procedure, jumped through all the hoops, entered my address details (in Australia) all that stuff. But when I pressed the “Button to Buy”…

Mind you things are a bit better now than they were back in the day. Once you have your account registered with Amazon (Do that here ;) and they have your address on file, you will see on the product page, just below the price, some information about whether your item is In Stock or not.

Here you will see whether your item can be shipped to your location directly. No need to jump through hoops.

Grrrr… I was very disappointed to find out that Amazon would not deliver to me in Australia.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Amazon. There is no place on the planet for you to find a wider choice of items (regardless of what it is) than And the prices too can be excellent.

Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life. If you are outside the US, getting items shipped to you from Amazon to Australia, or anywhere else for that matter is a real… challenge (read a headache here!).

Part of the problem is that so much of Amazon’s inventory, thousands of products, come from other suppliers and manufacturers. These suppliers use (and other big online stores) as their online shop front.

Most of these suppliers are based in the United States (though not all). Many found it confusing or perhaps too costly to handle warranty or possible “Foreign” Import/Export hassles when delivering outside of the United States.

The result is that most of these suppliers simply choose not to take the risk of shipping outside their home turf. And do not deliver outside the United States – well not directly anyway… Show Me How to Do It

This makes it easier for the suppliers, but inconvenient for you and me living outside the United States. We cannot get what we want, delivered from Amazon to Australia. And cannot have Amazon (or any other Major U.S. based Online Shop) deliver to you if your address is outside of the U.S.

The same applies if you want to buy on from outside of the U.S.

Many of the BIG online supplies suffer from the same delivery dilemma. I am compiling a list of some of the Best Online Shops around for you here. Ones that you may not have heard from yet.

Anyway, the good news is that there is an answer.

If you can’t wait to find out how to ship your items from Amazon to Australia – or anywhere else in the Non-US world here is the link with your answer –

Safe Package Delivery

There is a way you can buy whatever you want from and have it delivered to you in Australia, Europe, Asia, just about anywhere you are. You can have your Amazon items delivered – No Problems.

Your Items From Amazon to Australia or Anywhere Worldwide

Imagine You Had Friend Living in the U.S.

Can you see how simple it would be for you to get anything you want from online stores in the United States if you had a good mate (Oz – Translation Mate = Friend) living there?

Let’s call him Steve.

Here’s How It works.

  1. You do your U.S. online shopping at a variety of places on the net.
  2. You have all your goodies sent to Steve’s address in the United States.
  3. Once they arrive Steve would check all your items are 100% OK for you.
  4. And then he will keep them safe, and “On Hold” for you until all your items arrive.
  5. Steve will then carefully pack all your stuff into one larger parcel, ready for international shipping.
  6. He will then select the most economical/best Courier available for your location.
  7. Then dispatch your parcel to you in Australia (anywhere), shipped by this courier to you.
  8. He will then Email your Delivery Tracking Number(s) so you can follow your items progress online.
  9. Steve can forward all your stuff, from any U.S. shop to you, just about anywhere the world and anywhere a courier will deliver.
  10. It is simple, safe and secure. Plus you have someone on the ground in the States to help.

That’s all there is to it. An added bonus is this will save you a bundle on standard Delivery Charges. Especially when you compare one larger parcel to a number of  items delivered separately.

Lots of Online Stores in the U.S. also offer free shipping for items shipped within the United States. So you will only pay once for your delivery. It is a double win.

How Can I Get My Items From Amazon to Australia?

“That’s all well and good, but I don’t have a friend like Steve living in the US, that will do all this for me”.  I hear you say.

Amazon Items Forwarding Service – Click Here

Well, now you do.

I don’t have a friend Steve either. I have someone far better. Someone more reliable, someone who won’t get tired of my asking for help. A service is available to you now. One that solves your delivery problem for you at a stroke.

They are safe and secure. And while not being a FREE service (nothing is). ShipiTo provides excellent value for money and offers a complete delivery solution for you than any other the major store online.

You can even save money on your combined shipping costs.

The service is provided by a company called ShipiTo and they can be your friend in the United States to help solve all of your US delivery problems from Amazon, eBay or any of the most prestigious US Online Stores.

Once you know how to get everything you want to be delivered from Amazon to Australia, Asia, or just about anywhere. You can use ShipiTo for any of the other major online shopping portals in the United States.

Anything you can buy online in the United States can be sent to you anywhere in the world, even if Amazon don’t deliver to your country.

It really is a great way to beat the system. And hundreds of people who have read this article are already using ShipiTo and enjoying the benefits.

Give it a try, so you can get the items you want to be delivered to you from Amazon (or anywhere), right to your front door.

You can trust these guys 100%, believe me I know.

Now Go Out and Enjoy Yourself

PS. If you find this article useful, and can benefit from the information, share the love.

Have a great day.

Steve & The Team – Amazon To Australia